Colorado Energy

Colorado's oil and gas industry is having a tremendous economic impact on Colorado, and on the country as a whole. The state's energy resources have the potential to create jobs and revenue, and to provide Colorado and America with more energy in the future


Jobs and Economy

Colorado has rich oil and natural gas resources which yield thousands of jobs and billions in revenue for Rocky Mountain residents and the federal treasury.



America's energy boom provides a unique opportunity for the U.S to create even more jobs, and save energy, for Americans by updating our nation's energy infrastructure.


Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is a means of extracting natural gas from shale formations. It is a proven technology and has been used since the 1940s in more than one million wells in the United States to help produce oil and natural gas.


National Energy Issues

It is imperative the industry, in coordination with citizens and policymakers work together to maintain America's position as a global leader.