Classroom Energy

Colorado Oil and Natural Gas

The Rocky Mountain Energy Forum will be introducing a series of educational modules to teach students about the importance of energy, the rich energy resources that Colorado possesses, and how - and why - we can develop these resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Importance of Energy

Energy plays a critical role in our daily lives, transporting us to our daily activities, heating and cooling our homes, cooking our food and even serving as the foundation for hundreds of products we use.  Energy production in Colorado can serve tremendous economic value in terms of revenue for our communities and jobs for our families if we are good stewards of our land and natural resources.

The Goal of our Curriculum

Our goal is to educate students and their families about the value of oil and natural gas and Colorado's energy sources, production and benefits to achieve the following objectives.

  • Define energy and major sources of energy.
  • Identify Colorado’s major sources of energy.
  • Discuss technologies used to identify, produce and deliver energy
  • Discuss environmental impact of energy development.
  • Identify careers in energy.

Curriculum From the Experts

Our curriculum will be based on facts from industry experts who are dedicated to ensuring that we bring verifiable facts into the classroom.Below are the major topics that we will plan to cover:

  • Energy 101
  • Colorado Energy
  • Energy, Technology and the Environment
  • STEM – and Careers in Energy

Sneak Peak

The curriculum will utilize a variety of media, including written, visual and interactive content, to convey the facts about Colorado energy.  Sample modules are provided below:


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