Oil, gas companies prep for 'Great Crew Change'

January 6, 2018

In a cover story called "twentysomething," Time magazine described a generation that is indecisive, lazy and has a nonexistent attention span. The year was 1990. The generation was Gen X.

In 2013, Time printed a cover article about millennials, those born from 1980-2000. The concept was the same. Many of the criticisms were the same. The difference? According to the article, millennials make up the biggest age group in American history at 80 million. That means whether the world is ready for the personality pitfalls associated with them, millennials are about to comprise the majority of the workforce.

In the oil and gas industry, that change is going to happen sooner rather than later, a phenomenon many in the business call "The Great Crew Change."

After the oil bust in the 1980s, millions of jobs were cut from the industry. As oil prices stayed low, few college students were entering energy-related fields and the number of new hires stagnated. Had they been hired, those people would now be in or on the trajectory to leadership positions in the industry. Instead, the age range for oil and gas employees is a U-shaped curve. There are many oil and gas employees near retirement age, and many - you guessed it - millennials.

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