Augment Your Reality

April 30, 2018

"Perception is reality!" A well-known phrase that has merit. One of the challenges of a compartmentalized society where groups in a tribal sense take certain positions and denies the reality of other group perceptions is finding the actual reality.

Human behavior being what it is, one sees where Heisenberg's Uncertainty Theory is at work - the very act of measuring changes the real quantum state.[i] However, when it comes to field operations, incorrect perceptions can be deadly.

When a field technician arrives on the job site, he or she has a set of tasks to perform. After the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is completed the work begins. Hopefully, the tech has the right tools, access to "as is" drawings, manuals, parts, etc.

If one or more is missing or mistakes are made additional rework is the minimum required. However, in some actual cases equipment has been assembled incorrectly resulting in millions of dollars in losses. In other cases, fatalities have been the result.

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