New Report Highlights U.S. Natural Gas Industry's Leadership in Protecting America's Critical Infrastructure From Cyberattacks

October 31, 2018

The American Petroleum Institute (API), the Natural Gas Council (NGC) and the wider membership the Oil and Natural Gas Subsector Coordinating Council (ONG SCC) – the official body representing the operators of natural gas and oil infrastructure to federal agencies involved in industry-related security – released a report today titled, “Defense-in-Depth: Cybersecurity in the Natural Gas and Oil Industry.” The report describes the industry’s resilience and preparedness to defend itself and energy consumers against malicious cyber threats and provides insight for policymakers into the comprehensive cybersecurity programs of the natural gas and oil industry.

“Cybersecurity is a top priority for the natural gas and oil industry,” said API President and CEO Mike Sommers. “As the owners and operators of critical energy infrastructure, our companies are providing the leadership, proactive solutions and ongoing coordination with federal agencies to help prevent future cyberattacks. Natural gas and oil pipeline systems are purpose-built to be highly resilient and our members are leaders in cybersecurity, sharing cyber threat indicators and intelligence with each other and with the U.S. government through the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC).”

In conjunction with the report, API launched a video highlighting the American natural gas and oil industry’s investment in people and cybersecurity technology to keep America’s energy infrastructure safe and operating reliably. This is a reminder to the Administration and policymakers on Capitol Hill that the natural gas and oil industry – an industry that provides cleaner, more reliable energy – is committed to investing its own capital to maintain and safeguard its infrastructure.

Key points in the report include:

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